Motorola DP4801E Digital Two Way Radio

The Mototrbo DP4801e digital two way radio is the flagship model in the DP4000e range and boasts a number of advanced features that would improve efficiency and productivity within any organisation. The DP4801e offers GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for remote software updates and indoor/outdoor location tracking capabilities.

Safety is at the forefront of this model and its large array of functionality includes VOX voice activation, Transmit Interrupt and an integrated accelerometer for lone worker. This radio also has 1000 channels, a five line full colour display and a large emergency button.

Capacity Plus

Capacity Plus is a scalable single site trunking application that enables more than a thousand MOTOTRBO radio users to easily share voice & data communication. It is an ideal solution for businesses already using an analog trunking system requiring an upgrade to digital technology – such as resorts, hotels, hospitals, warehouses & manufacturing plants.

Capacity Plus allows multiple groups to operate over a smaller number of channels (two per repeater) & is far more efficient than traditional systems. Groups such as Security, Maintenance & Cleaning can be allocated their own channels within the Capacity Plus system allowing for a higher level of service.

A single Capacity Plus radio system can handle up to 120 calls with a maximum of four groups, a capacity suitable for most applications. Capacity Plus features include priority queuing & transmit interrupt to ensure that critical communication is transmitted first & that business-critical voice communications take precedence over normal traffic. It also supports location updates at up to 30 seconds, ensuring that work orders are communicated quickly.

Linked Capacity Plus offers a simple & cost effective way to TWO-WAY RADIO DP4801e link multiple single site Capacity Plus radio systems together, providing continuous coverage across an entire region. It is ideal for public transport operators who need to communicate to buses parked across the network, allowing staff to easily connect with drivers & passengers to manage schedules & provide service. Other key features include text messaging for bus fares & automated location tracking of buses to ensure passengers are safely transported from one site to the next.

IP Site Connect

For customers looking to extend the voice and data capabilities of their digital radio systems with a more sophisticated digital trunking solution, IP Site Connect provides an alternative to Linked Capacity Plus. This system uses a local server to link up to 15 sites for communication between dispersed locations or for wide area coverage without adding new frequencies.


Stay connected with workers spread across a large worksite – whether they’re making deliveries or repairing water main breaks. With features like automatic site-roaming and text messaging, your crew can keep communicating even when they’re moving from job to job.

Whether you’re managing a hospital, hotel or multi-level parking garage, you need reliable communication between staff members at multiple sites. With IP Site Connect, you can connect your MOTOTRBO radios over an IP network connection to create seamless communications between all locations. Plus, with PC voice dispatch over IP (PCVOIP), you can control your entire radio network from anywhere – even if you aren’t at the controls.

MOTOTRBO offers a variety of solutions to meet your business needs, from the most advanced trunking systems available to legacy analogue capability. With Bluetooth audio for hands-free operation, integrated Wi-Fi for remote software updates and indoor/outdoor location tracking, the DP4801e is built to perform in any industry. The DP4801e is also fully compatible with all MOTOTRBO applications.

Man Down

The DP4801e features superior audio quality, enabling users to hear calls clearly even in noisy environments. The digital radio uses Motorola’s IMPRES smart energy system, which automatically adjusts call volume to compensate for background noise and includes Mic interference control, Acoustic feedback suppression and Acoustic echo cancellation, making it ideal in noisy locations like production lines, construction sites and event security.

The MOTOTRBO DP4801e offers the ultimate balance of control, functionality and features to meet your work team needs. With up to 1000 channels, straightforward scanning, group and private calling, work order ticketing, text messaging, telephony integration and location services it provides the connectivity and functionality your team requires to perform efficiently.

Adding the Man Down function to your MOTOTRBO radios can improve workplace safety by alerting others if an employee becomes motionless or unresponsive. This is especially important in high risk workplaces where falls from height continue to be the leading cause of serious injury. The Man Down function can be set up with a number of parameters to align with your organizational procedures and TWO-WAY RADIO DP4801e work team environment, limiting false alarms and providing a robust solution that is easily integrated with other device safety features like Lone Worker and GPS.

Whether workers are operating in client homes, construction zones or moving between meetings, they need the assurance that their colleagues can quickly respond to any potential problems and keep them safe. A good Man Down system should detect both inactivity and impact, so that if an accident does occur, it is not ignored.


Motorola’s DP4801e digital two way radio features integrated GPS to give team leaders transparency in the whereabouts of radios. It also has Bluetooth to pair up wireless accessories and Wi-Fi enabling remote software upgrades. This Motorola ‘E’ series radio is built to last, and it meets military-grade standards for shock and vibration. It is also resistant to chemicals and can be submerged under water for extended periods of time.

With an easy-to-read 5-line colour display, this Motorola DP4801e handheld digital radio is designed to keep teams productive and safe. Enhanced audio clarity includes Intelligent Audio and Acoustic Feedback Suppression to cut background noise, while the prominent emergency button summons help with just one press. An improved receiver boosts range by up to 8% and an advanced energy system provides up to 28 hours of operation between charges.

The DP4801e is compatible with most existing radio systems thanks to its dual band capability and open interfaces, providing a seamless transition for your organisation as it grows. With Capacity Max, the DP4801e allows you to add new radios without impacting on your current capacity and supports both digital and analog modes. It also offers a variety of advanced features for safety and productivity, including VOX voice activation, Transmit Interrupt, man down, IP Site Connect and more.