OSRAM LED Light Bars for Off-Road Applications

Defy the dark with a powerful off-road LED light. Designed to take a beating, these lights can handle whatever you throw at them.

The integrated driver and thermal management system prevents the ten high-performance OSRAM LEDs from overheating. Complete polarity protection keeps the circuit from damage caused by incorrect wiring.

Product Description

The OSRAM LEDriving Lightbar MX250-CB is an effective and efficient addition to your vehicle. Its luminous flux is up to 2700 lumens and it offers impressive foresight on dark country roads, forest paths and off the beaten track. The power package with 26 LEDs achieves a high level of optical efficiency and homogeneous light distribution.

It features a 13deg spot beam and 60deg flood beam in a single row configuration, which is ideal for lighting up wide areas of the ground without losing sight of your surroundings. Its innovative Vision Drive Technology combines curved and metalized reflectors to maximize light harvesting and osram led light bar to deliver smooth and clean beams. It also features a 5,500K color temperature that is slightly warmer and easier on the eyes.

Another important aspect of any light bar is its waterproof rating. This number refers to how much water can be sprayed directly at it for a short amount of time without damaging the lights or causing corrosion. Most light bars have a waterproof rating of IP68 or higher.

Lastly, you should pay attention to the type of diode used in the light bar. There are a few different types that can be found in light bars, including Cree and Epistar. Cree is a brand that is widely used in the industry and makes some great lights. However, it’s best to avoid lights that use Epistar diodes as they tend to be cheaper and are not as durable or bright as other options.

Product Features

The osram led light bar is made from a high-quality aluminum frame and has a robust polycarbonate lens. Its durable construction ensures that it will stand up to harsh environments and heavy use. It also has an integrated driver and thermal management system that prevents the LEDs from overheating. This will extend their lifespan and keep your off-road lighting safe for use on the trails.

This 28 inch LED light bar has a full frontal screen, which is rust and dust proof to give you a clean look on the road. Its AkzoNobel powder coating, anti-scratch and fade resistant PC lens, forged iron brackets and a watertight IP-67 UV resin seal are built to last. This means you can drive with confidence in any weather conditions.

It has a superior optical performance thanks to its curved reflector cup that harvests more light from the LEDs to deliver well distributed beams. Its osram chips provide proficient 1Lux@380m and 10deg spot beam and 90deg flood beam that promise a wider field of view to give you the confidence to defy the dark.

This single-row combo pattern LED light bar from Defend Indust features a powerful output that will let you see clearly in any situation. Its intelligent lighting technology helps you stay safe on unlit streets and dirt roads by identifying obstacles at a distance. This is made possible by a very high illuminance of one lux at an angle of eight degrees and reduced glare for oncoming traffic.

Product Specifications

The OSRAM LEDriving Lightbar VX500-CB impresses with powerful performance and a long service life. It is EU homologated osram led light bar and ideal for 4×4, ute, truck and harvester. This light bar is incredibly versatile thanks to the integrated driver and the thermal management system. It defies numerous environmental influences and operates reliably even at extreme temperatures of -40° to +60° Celsius. The extruded aluminum housing and stable polycarbonate lenses ensure high-level durability.

Visually enhanced by Lightfox’s Vision Drive Tech that integrates curved and metalized reflectors for maximum light harvesting and focused beam-shaping, the 28 inch LED light bar emits 1Lux@494m and 17,612LM of brightness to provide excellent on-road visibility. Featuring 5,500K CCT that’s still crisp white but warmer and easier on your eyes.

The advanced 4D PMMA optics MAGNIFY the lighting output to deliver unforeseen distance, making this LED light bar a must-have for off-roaders. It also includes a combo beam pattern to allow the driver to see both spot and flood pattern for a more complete range of visibility on the road. The durable construction is sealed with AkzoNobel powder that defies UV exposure and corrosion, the screwless front design is secured by UV resin, and the PC lens resists fade and scratching for a longer lifespan. This rugged LED light bar is suitable for a variety of off-road vehicles and is able to be mounted in tight spaces due to its side mounts.

Product Warranty

When shopping for a light bar, it’s important to read the specifications carefully. These numbers tell you how well the light bar will perform and how long it’ll last. A few things to keep in mind are the IP rating, the number of LEDs, and the color temperature. The IP rating is important because it tells you how much water the light bar can withstand. The higher the number, the better the light bar is.

Black Oak LED tests every light they sell for performance, and they use a variety of brands and LED power levels. They find that Osram LEDs outperform Cree LEDs in their lights, so most of their products contain Osram LEDs. However, they do have a few products that feature high-power Cree LEDs for added brightness.

This 14-inch Lightfox LED light bar is powered by OSRAM’s finest OSLON LEDs, resulting in 7,548LM and focused beams for maximum off-road visibility. It features Lightfox’s Vision Drive Technology, which combines curved and metalized reflectors to maximize light harvesting and produce smooth, clean beams. It also features 5,500K CCT, which is still crisp white but a little warmer and easier on the eyes. Other features include a built-in circuit board that protects against flashing and reverse polarity, and a breather that eliminates condensation. The light is built to last, with a screwless front and UV resin that provide complete protection against dust and heavy washdown. It’s also highly versatile, with side and bottom mounts for easy installation in a variety of positions.