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LED Light

Waterproof LED Light Bar

Waterproof LED Light Bar Buying a waterproof led light bar is one of the best investments that you can make for your vehicle. It helps to improve your visibility while driving at night and during harsh weather conditions. This waterproof led light bar from Rigidhorse is a good pick for budget buyers as it has …

LED Light

OSRAM LED Light Bars for Off-Road Applications

OSRAM LED Light Bars for Off-Road Applications Defy the dark with a powerful off-road LED light. Designed to take a beating, these lights can handle whatever you throw at them. The integrated driver and thermal management system prevents the ten high-performance OSRAM LEDs from overheating. Complete polarity protection keeps the circuit from damage caused by …

LED Light

Automotive LED Light Bar

Automotive LED Light Bar Adding a LED light bar to your vehicle is an easy way to add more lighting. It will help you see where you are going and will make your car more visible to other drivers. The LED light bar you choose will depend on your vehicle and how you plan to …

LED Light

How to Choose a Curved LED Light Bar

How to Choose a Curved LED Light Bar Curved LED light bars provide an aesthetically pleasing look and contour to the shape of your vehicle. They are also more durable than their straight counterparts and offer a wider illuminating coverage. This product uses Cree diodes which are of a good quality and project well. It …