motorola dp2600e

Motorola DP2600e Digital Walkie Talkie

The Motorola dp2600e is an affordable solution to get you into the MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio system. With its display and partial keypad it is a powerful handheld that offers incomparable digital technology for the most scalable communication system.

Designed for everyday work, this rugged, ETSI DMR Standards compliant digital walkie talkie delivers cost-effective connectivity to your organisation. It supports systems such as trunking and legacy analogue technology, with intelligent audio to ensure intelligibility.


Motorola Solutions DP2600e radios offer best-in-class audio in a scalable solution to meet the demands of your business. This UHF model provides intelligent audio and voice announcement features for easy communication in difficult work environments. It is analogue interoperable, allowing you to migrate to digital at your own pace and comes at a value that stands up to the competition.

DP2600e hand portables offer the power of MOTOTRBO digital TDMA technology and operate on both UHF and VHF frequencies. Using MOTOTRBO voice and data applications motorola dp2600e you can connect your workforce with the latest information to increase productivity, safety and efficiency.

A crystal clear black and white screen teamed with a partial keypad enables easier user functionality and navigation. With 128 channels, a basic trunking capability and support for analogue technology, these Motorola Solutions two way radios will fit seamlessly into your existing communications system and provide cost-effective connectivity as your organisation grows.

A range of specialised models are available to suit your needs, including the DP2600e HazLoc that is designed for use in hazardous environments where explosive or flammable materials may be present. Additional features include enhanced privacy options that prevent others from listening in on your communications and the ability to remotely disable a lost or stolen radio. The DP2600e also has an improved receiver that boosts range by up to 8% and provides increased signal coverage over long distances.


The DP2600e is part of the MOTOTRBO digital radio solutions series and offers a powerful digital walkie talkie with intelligent audio and voice announcements for clear communication in difficult work environments. It is also analogue compatible allowing you to use your current analogue equipment until you are ready to move across to the full MOTOTRBO digital solution.

This DP2600e has been designed with the user in mind and offers a simple to navigate menu system, programmable buttons and a partial keypad. The DP2600e has a crystal clear monochrome display for easier viewing and navigation. It is a rugged device with an IP67 ingress protection rating safeguarding the radio against dust and water jets.

DP2600e is compatible with a wide range of Motorola radio accessories including speaker microphones, headsets and earpieces. These accessories are tested for durability and performance by Motorola to ensure they meet or exceed the original specifications of the device. This enables you to maximise the performance of your DP2600e and provides additional functionality in challenging environments.

Our DP2600e six-pack bundles include all of the essentials for your team to get started with MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios. Each bundle includes six DP2600e handhelds, six batteries, six chargers, six antennas, six belt clips and your motorola dp2600e choice of accessory and licence option (since these radios require a licence). MOTOTRBO digital radios are designed for the workplace with improved audio quality, better coverage and increased reliability compared to analogue devices.


The Motorola DP2600e radio is the ideal cost-effective digital hand portable that provides superior audio quality and improved performance. It operates in UHF or VHF frequency bands with a 128 channel capacity, three programmable buttons and IP55 specifications for water protection. It also includes Intelligent Audio allowing the radio volume to automatically adjust to compensate for background noise.

A key benefit of the Motorola DP2600e is that it can operate in both analogue and digital modes enabling a smooth migration from existing analogue equipment whilst providing the benefits of the advanced scalable MOTOTRBO digital system. This allows you to remaster the workplace with intelligent audio and voice announcement functionality whilst supporting your current workflow and keeping everyone connected as the organisation evolves.

Overall the Motorola DP2600e scores highly in our audio capabilities tests with a particularly good Timbre sub-score. This takes into account bass, midrange and treble plus tonal balance and volume dependency. It is aided by the clear display and partial keypad that makes it easy to navigate menus and choose users to call to. It also offers the option to have voice announcements of battery level, channel selection and other functions which can be configured to suit a specific use case.

The Motorola DP2600e is compatible with the full range of IMPRES audio accessories which are designed to provide optimal function when used with the MOTOTRBO range of radios. This is achieved by utilising a unique communication protocol between the radio and accessory that ensures the correct settings are applied for optimum audio performance. These include remote speaker microphones, earpieces, headsets and surveillance kits.

Battery life

The Motorola DP2600e is a digital two-way radio that comes with various features to make it a reliable communication solution. This includes a large channel capacity, enabling businesses to stay connected in a busy environment. Additionally, it has a loud and clear audio output to ensure that staff members can easily communicate. This is especially helpful in noisy environments where it can be difficult to hear.

It also has a lone work feature that allows users to operate the device while being out of earshot of other colleagues. This feature helps reduce the risk of accidents or injury by ensuring that employees are not distracted. The DP2600e is available in both VHF and UHF models to suit different needs.

The battery for Motorola dp2600e is designed to last for a long time, with an estimated talk time of up to 15 hours with the battery save feature enabled and 12 hours without it. Its high capacity helps support long work days and provides plenty of power for critical applications.

The Motorola dp2600e also features IMPRES technology, which optimizes battery performance and improves battery life. This technology is unique to Motorola products, and it works by allowing the charger and battery to communicate with each other. This enables the battery to be reconditioned and provides information on its current state of health.